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Labour shake-up council committees with fresh new line-up

May 22, 2023

Last night (Thursday 18 May), Labour Councillors agreed to shake-up the committee system on Brighton & Hove City Council to make it more accessible, relevant and fit-for-purpose.

Along with the Labour Group’s positive plans to evolve the committees to better serve residents, they have selected an exciting team to lead them – a mix of seasoned experience, youthful energy, diversity and a lot of talent.

Labour’s plans, which remain subject to approval of council next week, would see the new council committees to replace the old system, and their respective chairs and deputies look like this:

  • Adult Social Care Board Lead: Cllr Tristram Burden
  • Children, Families & Schools Committee – Co-Chairs: Cllr Lucy Helliwell & Cllr Jacob Taylor, Deputy Chair: Cllr Les Hamilton
  • City Environment Committee – Chair: Cllr Tim Rowkins, Deputy Chair: Cllr Theresa Fowler
  • Culture, Economic Regeneration, Tourism & Heritage Committee – Chair: Cllr Alan Robins, Deputy Chair: Cllr David McGregor
  • Equalities, Community Safety & Human Rights – Chair: Cllr Leslie Pumm, Deputy Chair: Cllr Maureen Winder
  • Finance, Strategy & City Regeneration Committee: Chair: Cllr Bella Sankey, Deputy Chair: Cllr Jacob Taylor
  • Health & Wellbeing Board – Chair: Bruno De Oliveira
  • Housing & New Homes Committee – Chair: Cllr Gill Williams, Deputy Chair: Andrei Czolak
  • Licensing Committee – Chair: Cllr Emma Daniel, Deputy Chair: Cllr Tobias Sheard
  • Planning Committee – Chair: Cllr Liz Loughran, Deputy Chair: Cllr Jacob Allen
  • Transport & Sustainability Committee – Chair: Cllr Trevor Muten, Deputy Chair: Cllr Gary Wilkinson

Labour’s new council leadership team will bring fresh ideas and commitment to their mission of restoring neglected basic services and building a better Brighton & Hove.

Labour are proposing to make these committee changes in a cost neutral way, by winding down some working groups that were more suited to a No Overall Control scenario as the city faced previously, and by the leader, deputy leaders, committee chairs and deputy chairs volunteering to take a cut to their allowances.

Labour Group leader, Cllr Bella Sankey said:

“I am delighted to nominate such a talented and experienced top team, united by their focus on addressing our City’s challenges and responding to those we’ve been elected to serve.

“The new Committees we’ve created will ensure we have a relentless focus on restoring basic city services, supporting economic regeneration, delivering an integrated and sustainable transport system and upholding equality for all.”

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