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Westbourne & Poets’ Corner – June Update

June 1, 2024

It’s been a year since we were elected and last month, we agreed the biggest shake-up of Brighton & Hove City Council in over 20 years.

First of all, it is the honour of my life to serve the residents of Westbourne & Poets’ Corner alongside my ward colleague. Julie and I are very committed to improving the area and doing everything we can to make our neighbourhood safer, greener and cleaner. I hope you feel that we are visible and accessible. Please contact us if you need support or have any ideas.

We promised to bring about change and that’s exactly what we’re doing. Internally, we have streamlined the way the Council works and reorganised all departments. At next week’s Annual Council meeting, we will also be adopting the new governance arrangements, moving the Council away from the siloed committee system to a much more efficient and accountable cabinet system. A system that re-establishes a politically led authority.

You have tasked us with getting the basics right – and we are moving in the right directions.

In May, we started to roll out the new weed management scheme. We introduced a controlled droplet application method to help us reset the weeds situation in the city while using less glyphosate than the traditional method. The glyphosate is mixed with an oil that allows the droplets to stick to the plant. 

We’ve made significant progress in ending toxicity and chaos at CityClean, stabilising waste collection across the city and improving recycling. The recycling point outside 189 Portland Road can now recycle:

  • mixed recycling
  • glass
  • clothes, shoes and textiles
  • cartons
  • small electrical items

It’s also been a good year for fairness and equality in the city, with the new £2.8 million Fairness Fund underlining the Administration’s priorities to provide an ongoing safety net as the city continues to tackle poverty beyond the cost-of-living crisis. Residents and community groups in Westbourne & Poets’ Corner will be able to benefit from the new Fund.

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